I was woken from my sleep one night in November last year by two young boys. Their age, somewhere between four to five. Their names, I have no idea. But I remember vividly the first boy I saw as soon as I came to my awareness, he was up close and already waiting for me to wake up, no personal information was conveyed. The only thing I picked up was his death was related to child sex trafficking and satanic sexual abuse. He reminds me of the Gerber Baby, cute and lovely looking. The second boy that came after him was further away. He appeared as a dark shadowy figure, standing, I couldn’t discern any facial features at all. Again, he gave me the idea that his death was also a result of child sex trafficking and satanic sexual abuse.

From that day on, they are part of my memory. Every time I heard news about pedophiles/traffickers being caught and convicted, I tightened my fists and yelled a big YES. Why? Because I knew my two little friends would be happy to see those predictors all scooped up.

I follow news about child sex trafficking and satanic sexual abuse. If you are interested, you can start researching and learn more about the topics.




Written by : Hayley Bi

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