Have you ever thought of pyramid as a technology? I haven’t until I started reading the book “The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 Prophecies” by David Wilcock.

There are a huge amount of mind blowing and not-wide-known studies conducted by mostly Russians that I think deserved some attention here.

The significance of their findings is shockingly vital to healing us, plants and nature.

~When a naturally occurring virus-fightling compound found in human called venoglobulin was diluted and put in a pyramid for a few days, the potency of the compound increased by three times. Strangely, even after it was further diluted into a super week cencentration to the point of normally no effect at all, it worked just as well.

~ Twenty dying premature babies were given glucose solution which was previously stored in the pyramid, the result was amazing, they all survived. Later, they tried to do the same experiment with only water and it still worked effectively.

~ Comparing two groups of white mice who were fed typhoid fever virus, the one group that were kept in the pyramid had a 60 percent survival rate, whereas the control group only had 7 percent.

~Another mice study showed that even though both groups were fed the same amount of nasty carcinogens, the ones that were given pyramid water had significantly fewer tumors than the ones that had only ordinary water.

~When pyramids were built over oil wells, the scientists discovered that they became 30 percent thinner, thus causing production to increase by the same percentage because the oil was easier to pump. Besides, they also found that the oil was much cleaner.

~Scientists observed that after storing different kinds of seeds in the pyramid, there were a range of 20 to 100 percent increase in crop production.

~Poisons and toxins would deem less destructive after a short stay in the pyramid.

~Radioactive materials decayed faster than expected.

~Dangerous pathogenic viruses and bacteria would become less harmful after staying in the pyramid.

~Concrete would set more strongly.

~Rabbits and white rats became stronger in their endurance and their white-blood-cell counts increased.

~Pyramids could purify water and protect against catastrophic Earth changes. Earthquakes and severe weather were reduced.

~Supposed-to-be-extinct flowers regrew.

~Pyramid energy could reduce criminal behaviour and increase the feeling of love and peace.

Can you imagine the possible implications here? It’s huge! More lives can be saved, increase in food productions, germs can be neutralized, less catastrophic natural disasters, having more available clean water, deactivate dangerous radioactive materials, having healthier bodies and more.

Written by : Hayley Bi

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