If you think that masks can save you from Covid, you probably have to think again. Do you know the size of the virus is only 0.1 micron (admitted by WHO)? According to the article “ALTERNATIVE NEWS One of Europe’s Leading Neurologists Claims Masks Are Dangerous & Explains Why“, Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson mentioned that the virus has the size of 0.0 micrometers and the pores of the regular masks are about 80 to 500 micrometers. The reusable ones will get bigger and bigger after washing. Even Dr. Fauci, head of NIAID, confessed during an interview on 60 minutes that “People shouldn’t be walking around wearing masks”.

If you buy surgical masks by the box, check your box to see if the following warning shows up on the side of the box, “This product is not a respirator and will not provide any protection against Covid19 or other viruses or contaminants. Wearing an ear loop mask does not reduce the risk of contracting any diseases or infection“. I have seen a picture of a cotton mask attached with a warning label like this, “Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. www.p65warningsca.gov“.

How about listening to what PPE expert has to say : https://youtu.be/xupXpQbRhE8 

The PPE instructor Chris Schaefer in the ab0ve video mentioned that as soon as we cut off or reduce our oxygen level, negative consequences happen immediately such as headaches, dizziness, lack of co-ordination and extreme tiredness.

Dangers of wearing masks in the heat.
Dr Blaylock: face masks pose SERIOUS RISKS to the healthy:
2 boys drop dead while wearing masks in gym in china
Car crash from driver wearing mask

See how quickly your oxygen level will go down if you are wearing a mask:

If you get headaches while wearing a mask check this video out

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This study is of new masks removed from manufacturer packaging, as well as a laundered cloth mask, examined microscopically. Loose particulate was seen on each type of mask. Also, tight and loose fibers were seen on each type of mask. If every foreign particle and every fiber in every facemask is always secure and not detachable by airflow, then there should be no risk of inhalation of such particles and fibers. However, if even a small portion of mask fibers is detachable by inspiratory airflow, or if there is debris in mask manufacture or packaging or handling, then there is the possibility of not only entry of foreign material to the airways, but also entry to deep lung tissue, and potential pathological consequences of foreign bodies in the lungs.

The following are from another two PPE experts

THE EFFICACY OF MASKS – From 2 US Environmental & Safety Experts
Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan are U.S. environmental and safety experts on the usage of respirators and masks. They advise medical professionals on what types of personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to use in a medical setting.
Both are qualified experts who understand the limitations, usage, training, cleaning, etc. of respirators and masks within the work place, according to federal regulations and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
In this video, they share their concerns over politicians–untrained and unqualified in the usage of masks–making mandatory mask orders, which do not have the same science applied for workplace requirements.
Usual protocols to approve mask usage include a pulmonary test, a physical function test and health questionnaires (to assess any contraindicated conditions, like claustrophobia, anxiety, PTSD, kidney issues, history of a stroke or cancer, certain genetic factors, etc., which may necessitate further evaluation).
Mask usage in any U.S. workplace must be approved by National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and rated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and untested use by the public may be dangerous to a mask wearer.
By indiscriminately ordering the general population to wear a mask, politicians are ignoring essential factors in the harms and efficacy of mask usage, including conditions for their use, physical movements during their use, and medical histories.
– 0.6 – 1.25 μm (microns)
– because of its small size: “From a virology perspective, that mask is not protecting anybody around you at all from the expiration [exhalation] of this pathogen to those around you.”
Quantitative Fit Testing – measures the air within a respirator or mask and the ambient air outside the respirator or mask
– calculates oxygen levels (normal levels are 95-100%) by measuring hemoglobin (in blood carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body) and oxygen saturation (the fraction of oxygen-filled hemoglobin to total hemoglobin in the blood)
– a specialized machine calculates whether you can perfrom certain physical movements (e.g., talking) based on different factors (e.g., weight, not having facial hair), so that you can pass a fit test
If you find it hard to find resources about why wearing masks may not be a good idea, that could be because the social media giants are censoring information, whether they are based on science or not. You have to ask yourself why they have to wipe out those information, can’t we make an informed choice by evaluating both side of the evidence? Of course, their agenda is not to let you think for yourself! There are industries out there profiting from you getting sick! Listen to the following podcasts and you will be shocked!

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