Covid 19 Vaccine Is A Cure Worse Than the Disease

This is a brand-new kind of vaccine for human that involves manipulation of your DNA/RNA/genes, can possibly make you sterile and possess a type of branding/tracking/ID nanotechnology all in one. Your biometric data will be saved in the cloud that is hooked up with a cryptocurrency (in preparation of a cashless society). This vaccine is not proven safe because it is being fast-tracked. Vaccine manufacturers are without liability and we are the guinea pigs!

FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines: DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes ***Subject to change***

Guillain-Barré syndrome  Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis  Transverse myelitis  Encephalitis/myelitis/encephalomyelitis/ meningoencephalitis/meningitis/ encephalopathy  Convulsions/seizures  Stroke  Narcolepsy and cataplexy  Anaphylaxis  Acute myocardial infarction  Myocarditis/pericarditis  Autoimmune disease
Deaths  Pregnancy and birth outcomes  Other acute demyelinating diseases  Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions  Thrombocytopenia  Disseminated intravascular coagulation  Venous thromboembolism  Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain  Kawasaki disease  Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children  Vaccine enhanced disease

The Covid Vaccine – Ask The Experts
World doctors & scientists are condemning this vaccine

How Covid 19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System

High volume of adverse drug reaction from Covid vaccine is expected

Bill Gates Funds Pharmaceutical Companies Using Aborted Baby Parts to Make Coronavirus Vaccines

Written by : Hayley Bi

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