How would you treat someone who has been unconditionally loving you, doing all the hard work day and night, dodging every harm throwing in your way, willing to sacrifice part of him/her for the sake of making sure you are not hurt?

If your answer is “ABSOLUTE RESPECT”, I bet you’re probably wondering by now how you can find someone like that. Perhaps you will say “that’s your mom”. Look no further, that “someone” is not some rare evolved individuals that’s hard to find, it’s actually an organ resides in everyone’s body.  Isn’t that great to know that you have a super selfless and intelligent body part helping you everyday? In fact, this organ, your Liver,  is considered to be the third brain. What’s the second brain, you may wonder? Well, it’s your Thyroid! Surprise! If you are interested to know why these organs are the smarty pants, you can find out in the books mentioned below.  

With the fatty foods, non-productive foods, alcohol, drugs and other toxins such as plastic, heavy metal , solvents, pesticides and so on that we causally ingested and absorbed without much thought, we are definitely not giving this organ – our LIVER – the absolute respect that it deserves.

Our Liver performs 2000 functions in our body (are you shocked ?), no matter what junk you throw in there, it will safely package and mark them for excretion. If that route is deemed not possible and unsafe, it will tuck them away as securely as possible deep inside for fear they will escape by accident to harm your heart, brain or other important organs. This also mean that sometimes your Liver has to order its shapeshifter cells to make room to accommodate those troublemakers that no one wants. If needed, it will send white blood cells or other special cells to surround and chase after troublemaker escapees in the surrounding areas like your gut or in your blood. Gosh, for what we have been shoving at them, it looks more like abuse and no where close to respect.

After reading all those great things Liver has been doing for us, much more than what I wrote above, I really feel a deep sense of regret and even shed a few tears for the crime of abuse I committed in the past. I apologized to my Liver a few times and swore that I would take good care of it as much as humanly possible in this fast-paced industrialized world. And then an epiphany came to me, “How come something as crucial as learning about Liver health, what we should do and what not to do are not taught at school? It may mean life and death or in a lesser extend healthy or chronically ill. Many sickness could be lessened or avoided if we are aware of such information.” Well, talking about the school system and who control what in our society are other big topics that deserved to shed some lights on at a different time.

All the books written by Medical Medium Anthony William should be mandatory read for elementary and secondary schools. If we learn how to take care of ourselves properly, perhaps we don’t even need vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs which actually clog up our Livers. Personally, I enjoyed the jam-packed usable information from below:

~ Medical Medium – Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illnesses and How to Finally Heal

~ Liver Rescue

~ Thyroid Healing

~ Life-Changing Foods




Written by : Hayley Bi

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